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Father Factor 5: Courageous Grandfathering
Our Price: $5.00
Father Factor 5: Courageous Fathering
Our Price: $5.00
Father Factor 4
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Father Factor 3
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Father Factor 2
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Father Factor
Our Price: $5.00
A Man after God's Own Heart: The Life of David Paperback – March 18, 2015
Our Price: $10.00

About the Author

Brad Stewart is the President of Kingdom Warrior. Before starting this ministry, he served as the director of men’s ministry in his home church and throughout the Pacific Northwest for his denomination. While formerly in the U.S. military, Brad performed as Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Yokosuka Japan Christian Serviceman's Center, and spent fifteen years making disciples while laboring in the Navigators. He is a retired U.S. Navy Senior Chief Petty Officer. He holds a B.S. from Excelsior College, Albany, New York, and an M.T.S. and D.Min. from Columbia Evangelical Seminary (CES), Buckley, Washington. In addition Brad serves as an advisory member on the CES board of regents. He lives in Washington State with his wife Barbra. Together they work to advance the Kingdom of God. You can learn more about Kingdom Warrior at www.KingdomWarrior.net or contact Brad directly at nwbattlecry@gmail.com.

Brian Doyle is passionate to see churches equip men for spiritual leadership in the home, church and community. He has served with The Navigators on campuses and military bases as well as on staff with Promise Keepers in the 1990’s. Brian now serves as Founder and President of Iron Sharpens Iron which equips churches to train men for spiritual leadership. He oversees the Iron Sharpens Iron Conference Network which hosts equipping conferences for men around the nation. These conferences are the most visible part of the regional ministries that equip churches to reach and build godly men. Brian also serves on the Board of Directors of The Fatherhood Commission and on the Executive Board of the National Coalition of Men’s Ministries. He and his wife, Barbara, consider it a privilege to model and disciple their five children to follow Jesus Christ. You can learn more about Iron Sharpens Iron at www.IronSharpensIron.net or contact him at brian.doyle@IronSharpensIron.net.
Engage: Building Your Church Based Ministry To Men
Our Price: $10.00

Engaging men to lead at the local church level is one of the biggest overlooked opportunities facing America’s churches today. The needs of men in the church are being missed, and the health of churches are at risk. Engage begins at a macro level helping to build the vision for your church to a micro level showing how to engage men and meet them at their deepest need, to be engaged in something powerful.

Written from the perspective of 5 men in church leadership, Engage provides the game plan for developing a powerful vision that drive the actions needed from overall men’s ministry down to impact men’s small groups.

In each chapter the authors have cut away the fat and delivered 100% Grade-A meat to your table.

The Men's Bible
Our Price: $20.00
“This Bible will equip you to be a kingdom man.”
-DR. TONY EVANS, Senior Pastor, Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship and Founder and President of The Urban Alternative

Published in partnership with National Coalition of Ministries to Men (NCMM), The Men’s Bible is a road map to become the man God designed you to be.